Positive Peach

Where affordable clothing and self-love meet!

The Idea

Positive Peach came from a well-known frustration about how difficult it can be to find affordable, fashion forward clothing for women of all shapes and sizes and how this difficulty can lead to decreased self-esteem. This made the owners of Positive Peach decide that they wanted to mix two passions and follow what they felt their souls were leading them to do: providing affordable clothing while encouraging others to love themselves and their bodies everyday.

Style & Quality

All the clothes at Positive Peach are carefully selected, with the owners choosing what they think will be the best quality pieces for their customers. The styles vary and we believe that there is something for everyone, regardless of their style and fashion preference. We buy a limited quantity of each piece to keep a fresh, always rotating inventory of trendy clothes. Each order is also shipped with a free accessory we think will go great with your ordered item!

Self-Love Mission

As much as we love selling clothes, we love even more helping others on their journey of self-love and finding confidence. That's why we put as much effort into building up our customers and helping them practice self-love as we do picking quality, trendy clothing. Just check our Instagram page, and you will see how much the body positive movement reflects our work!

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